Unicity Bios Life Probionic

Unicity Bios Life Probionic

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    Unicity Bios Life Probionic, Promotes Friendly Intestinal Bacteria Each of us has hundreds of species of bacteria inhabiting our intestines. The friendly intestinal bacteria help our bodies ght o illness, digest food, and remove waste. They also create essential vitamins and nutrients. Everyday elements in our foods and certain commonly used medications can destroy friendly bacteria, which upsets the balance in the intestinal system and allows the unfriendly bacteria to
    proliferate to a point where they may cause problems.

    ProBionic is an exclusive new probiotic formulation that includes different strains of beneficial bacteria. The features and benefits of ProBionic include:
    • Micro-encapsulated strains reach the intestinal tract with high efficiency
    • Scientific validation of each strain used in the product
    • Supports digestive health and promotes normal bowel function
    • Reduces inflammation in the gut and supports the immune system
    • Wild berry flavour

    Unicity International's ProBionic provides the friendly bacteria needed to support a healthy digestive system. ProBionic is an exclusive new probiotic formulation that includes dierent strains of benecial bacteria: lactobacillus acidophilus, lactobacillus rhamnosus, bidobacterium brevis, bidobacterium lactis.

    Because maintaining your body's natural balance of friendly bacteria is one of the primary keys to long-term good health and well-being, ProBionic should be a part of your nutritional regimen every day.

    ProBionic is packed in lightproof, water-resistant packets that ensure the robiotic will be eective up to the moment you use it. It's also convenient to take. You can take it dry or, if you'd like, you can stir the contents of one mildly sweet packet into the beverage of your choice.

    A healthy person lives in harmony with his or her intestinal ora. The bacteria which, in a healthy person, will be predominantly friendly types do a myriad of healthpromoting things for the person, including: detoxication, the production of vitamins, and protecting us from unfriendly organisms. Sometimes this balance does not exist because of the presence of pathogenic organisms, the overgrowth of unfriendly organisms that are often not considered pathogenic, or the absence of friendly bacteria. Maintaining healthy intestinal ora can make a dierence in a person’s health.

    Serving Size: 1 Packet
    30 Servings per container

    The four strains in Bios Life ProBiotic serve dierent purposes when taken:
    lactobacillus acidophilus LA 02

    Shown to help body promote intestinal comfort

    lactobacillus rhamnosus LR 04

    Shown to help body promote intestinal transit

    bidobacterium brevis BR 03

    Shown to help body support natural barrier eect in the gut

    bidobacterium lactis BS 01

    Shown to help body promote natural immune defenses
    Together these strains provide the elements necessary to
    promote health digestion.


    To help your body increase immunity, digest food, remove waste, and create essential vitamins and nutrients.

    Unicity Probionic

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