Unicity Core Bio Reishi Coffee

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 Bio Reishi Coffee is a health functioning beverage that's great tasting, convenient, and enriched with the purest form of the ancient Chinese herb, Ganoderma lucidum for added metabolic health benefits. In the past, due to its rarity, only emperors had the privilege of using the prized mushroom for their health problems, thus gaining the moniker, Herb of the Emperors. Now you can enjoy 20 convenient, on the go serving packets that are not only refreshing, but packed with the science you have come to expect from Unicity.

 Suggested use:

Eacious amounts of the highest quality reishi mushroom Supports the immune system Contains antioxidant properties Helps to reduce occasional stress

Supports good gut health Maintains healthy cognitive function

Suggested use: 

Hot Drink: Pour the contents of one packet into a cup. Add 100 ml or 2/3 of a cup hot water and stir well. Cold Drink: Prepare same as above. Add additional packet and water, as preferred. Add ice.

Unicity Core Bio Reishi Coffee 20 Packets